How to Write Affirmations in 7 Steps



I wrote an article a few weeks ago on the power of sweet self talk aka affirmations.

Now I want to dig deeper into the topic and teach you how to write your own affirmations. Of course you can easily google affirmations and find a plethora of phrases but sometimes you want something more personal. The more meaningful the words are to you the more of an effect it will have on breaking down those limiting beliefs. So obviously the first step is:

     1.Write down a negative thought aka limiting belief.

Are your thoughts telling you things that aren’t true? Maybe that you’re not good enough? You’re not attractive? Not thin enough? Not deserving of the things you want? Never going to find love? Never going to be wealthy? Never going to be happy?

      2. Make an “I” statement

Write down your negative thought. For example, say your negative thought is, I will never find love. Take that sentence and try to turn it into a positive sentence.

     3. Write your new affirmation in the present

Let the universe know that you deserve this positivity right now! Not next week, not in a year, not when you think you as a person will be good enough. You are perfect, whole and complete. You deserve what you want at this very moment, all you have to do is tell the universe what you want. Once you place your order with the universe, it will shift and change in order to cater to you.



      4. Don’t use words like want or need

When you use words like want and need, it is coming from a place of lack.  When referring to law of attraction, you get more of what you focus on. Therefore, when you think about lack you are attracting more lack into your life. Don’t feel guilt about there not being enough for someone else because you want. The universe is infinite and there’s more than enough for everyone, it’s just that not everyone asks. We are done bringing lack into our worlds! Let’s bring the love and wealth and success we deserve!

      5. No negative words

Do not I repeat DO NOT use any negative words when writing your affirmation. You gain certainty with positive words while negative words only lower your vibration and provide doubt.



      6. Feel it!

When you begin to believe your words, you’ll start to get this good feeling.  Your vibration will begin to rise and the universe will give you proof that your thoughts are changing and your positive words are true. The universe loves to show you that you’re perfect, whole and complete and it can do that faster and easier when you feel great and you have confidence in your affirmations which in turn is confidence in yourself.

      7. Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat……

Now that we have our affirmation, we need to keep saying it. Every time you say your phrase it is breaking down the negative thought and making room for your new positive one. In the beginning, try to say your affirmation 5 times in the morning and every time a negative thought you’re trying to break pops up in your mind. It also helps to look in the mirror when you do or place a hand on your throat to clearly feel the power of your words.



By the end of this process, the negative thought, I will never find love should be turned into something like, I deserve love because I exist or I am loved by all. So grab a pen and some paper and let’s get started! You deserve EVERYTHING you want and the only person stopping you is you. Forgive yourself for not knowing this sooner and start making change right now!