Feeling Down? 25 Ways to Get Out of a Slump



I write this as a girl also struggling to get out of the slump. We’ve all been there, you’re down and you don’t quite know why. Maybe one bad thing led you into the Dark Place of thinking about only the negative in your life and now that’s all you see. Either way I’m going to give you (and me)  25 ways to dig our ways out of the Dark Place and back into the light.

1. Embrace it but not for too long

It’s easiest to overcome a bad mood by accepting that it’s happening. The first step is admitting you have a problem right?

2. Remember that you’re the shit

Don’t let this bad attitude tell you that you’re not awesome and amazing and worthy. Keep reminding yourself whenever a negative thought shows up.

3. Remember this feeling is temporary

You can’t feel like this forever I promise you that. This too shall pass. When I’m stuck in the rut, I remind myself I’ve been here before and I’ll get back out.


4. Talk to a friend

Sometime you need to vent to someone about why you feel this way. Sometime you need to talk to someone to figure out why you feel this way. I usually go to my best friends who remind me that I’m awesome and it’s going to be okay. They also know how to cheer me up even when I don’t want to laugh.


5. Watch junk food TV

You know the kind. Real housewives, Love and Hip hop, Jerry Springer, Cheaters, etc etc. I find it distracting to watch other people’s drama and forget about mine for an hour or two….or four.

6. Cry

Let it out! Go to your bedroom or if you’re at work, a bathroom and just cry. Sometimes holding it in and acting strong is more painful then just being vulnerable for 15 minutes. Don’t feel guilty for not being made of stone.

7. Take a nap

Have you ever felt so out of whack, grouchy, rude, and irritable with no real reason why? Sometime a nap is all you need. Nothing too long just an hour. Once you wake up, you’ll be able to readjust your intention and put your efforts into positive efforts.

8. Be grateful

Take the time to do the Gratitude Alphabet. Go through each letter of the alphabet and name something in your life that you’re grateful for. This exercise is also great when you’re having anxiety, it reminds you that you have so many amazing things in your life and not to take them for granted.

9. Take a walk

Getting connected to nature can really clear your mind and cheer you up.  It also gets you out of your bed which is truly needed when you’re in deep. Take 30 minutes and just walk around the block or buy a bagel or just sit on a bench! As long as you go outside, I’ll count it.


10. Hang out with an animal

Animals are full of unconditional love. They are also always living in the now.  So take a dog on a walk (whether its yours or a friends). Pet a cat. Watch a fish swim around (which I personally find very soothing). Being around another living creature that won’t judge you can be the perfect remedy.

11. Journal

If you’re an overthinker like me then you might get a lot of benefits from journaling.  I personally love to journal and I can save the background of that for another post but for me it’s a safe place to put all my thoughts. All the good thoughts, the bad ones, the romantically cheesy and even the scary ones down. I find that once I take those thoughts that were bouncing around in my head and put them on paper, my brain and my soul are much calmer.

12. Masturbate

It’s hard to feel bad when you’re feeling good.

13. Listen to sad music

Sulk in it! Feel Adele’s heartbreak! Bask in Beyoncé’s anger! Amy and you can go back to black together. Listen to it so you know you’re not alone and even your favorite artists have been sad and hurt too.

14. Listen to happy music

This is where you put on the songs that make you feel like a badass! Is that Taylor for you? Migos? Smashmouth? There’s no shame here listen to whatever makes you happy and reminds you of better times.


15. Do something you love

Break out the coloring books, the balls of yarn, and the paintbrushes. Go back to your childhood and think about something you loved doing and could get lost in for HOURS! Let’s do that. For me it would be either writing, coloring, and playing with my Skip-It. But this isn’t about me.

16. Fake it til you make it

If you want to feel good, sometimes you have to fake it. By faking it, I mean dressing the part. It’s hard to be your best self in your pajamas. Put on whatever makes you feel amazing. That dress, those boots, that makeup or that bright blue wig. Once you have it on, it’s hard to not think you ain’t the shit.

17. Pamper Yourself

Pull out your sheet masks and bubble bath. Go buy that eyeshadow palette you’ve been eyeing.  Go get that Mani-pedi and splurge and get Gel. Do whatever luxurious thing that makes you feel like a million bucks. Feel the self love by showing yourself love.

18. Meditate

Sometimes you can get into a better mood just by emptying your mind. The silence and the time to just reflect and push all your negative thoughts away can really change the game. Even ten minutes can be extremely beneficial.

19. Break a sweat

Hit the gym or the dance floor. Take a jog around the town or go to a cycling class. Like the great Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t,”. Now I’m not saying you’re about to go postal but you get the point. Exercising makes you happy.


20. Read

Get transported into another world and forget about your worries for a bit.

21. Do a tarot card reading

Like Miss Cleo said, “The cards don’t lie”.  Sometimes the stars have the answers to your woes and can bring you back to earth. Here’s a site for you to try if you don’t want to go to get out of bed.

22. Say some affirmations

Remind yourself that what’s keeping you down are your limiting beliefs and say some sweet self talk. Check out my post on how affirmations help you.

23. Make a vision board

Remind yourself of all the amazing things you have planned for yourself by making a vision board. Seeing the future you have planned out will boost your mood and motivate you to get up and get going! You can’t achieve your dreams by moping around.

24. Watch funny videos

When I’m feeling really down and I know a good laugh will help, I go to YouTube and look up Vine complications. It’s amazing how much 6 second videos can make you laugh. I have a friend that watches stand up specials to get a good chuckle. Find something that always cracks you up and go to it in times like these.



25. Remember The Universe loves you and has a plan

Life is hard and it can feel like nothing makes sense but remember there’s no other person like you on this rock that spins around in space on an axis.  Out of all the bags of meat with a soul in them, none of them are you and we need you to hang around and share your uniqueness with the world. If you feel like what you’re feeling may be more than just a slump, please consider getting professional help. The Universe is a better place with you in it.

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