Affirmations: The Power of Sweet Self Talk

“Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself.

W. Clement Stone


You hear them everyday and all the time. That inner voice. It probably sounds like your voice so you believe everything it tells you good or bad. Sometimes, you take what it says hits too close to hom. It may tell you that no one likes you or you’ll never find love. Maybe you start to believe that voice and you stop hanging out with friends or trying to meet new people because the voice has told you you’re undeserving and undesirable. There is a way to stop this voice and it’s by choosing what words you want it to say to yourself.  Yes it is that simple and I will show you how through the power of affirmations.

What are affirmations?


Affirmations are a positive thought or phrase you say, read or repeat that will lead you onto a path of positivity. An affirmation helps you change the tune of the voice in your head and remind yourself that you are worthy of happiness and positivity in whatever form of life you choose. There are affirmations for love, career, health and beauty.

Does it sound crazy? A little but hear me out. It works. Here’s an article for you skeptics. How you think and feel about yourself truly affects your life and your choices and your future. It’s cognitive behavioral therapy!

What you think you become. If you think no one likes you and you’re going to be alone forever, chances are you’re going to not go out and stop hanging with your friends and eventually push everyone away until that thought becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Instead, imagine if you thought of something good. Maybe you tell yourself I deserve love solely because I exist. You say it every time the voice says otherwise, every time you’re afraid to go and talk to a new person, every time someone special enters your life and the voice tries to place bets on how long they will hang around until they see the “real” you.

The more you say it, you’ll begin to believe it. The first couple times you utter the phrase it will feel silly and foreign but in due time it will become second nature and inspiring! Those words will cause you to take more risks and be more confident and have you meet new people! It will take time but after a while the voice won’t be sending you words of self doubt but instead self love. Here are some ways to begin your sweet self talk:



There are plenty of videos on YouTube either from Louise Hay or  her fans that are filled with affirmations. All you have to do it press play and listen. It’s okay if you don’t quite pay attention, affirmations are also heard through your subconscious and will help change your negative thinking patterns.

Here’s a video that I have used:


You can also listen to podcasts. I’m a big fan of Hay House Meditations. I listen to Louise Hay – Release Your Fears meditation on the train or before bed and it’s very calming and filled with reassuring affirmations. I highly recommend for those with anxiety. Here’s also another link to her meditations on Soundcloud.



You can write down your affirmations so you see them everyday. Whether intentionally or subconsciously. Write kind words about your body on your mirror so every time you see yourself you are reminded of your beauty and not your flaws. Write a prosperity affirmation on a piece of pretty paper and put it in your wallet. Every time you open your wallet you’ll be reminded of your wealth and the abundance of money. Write a list of affirmations in your journal and say them daily and pay attention to the subtle changes that happen everyday.



Now when I say reflect I mean mirror work. This may be the most uncomfortable way to work on affirmations but that’s because people aren’t always comfortable looking at themselves in the mirror. We’re too concerned with flaws we see and not the beauty that we possess. Take the list you wrote in your journal and sit in front of a mirror and say each affirmation 5 times. Why 5? Because the first 3 will feel silly and by the fifth you’ll start to believe it. The more you say the affirmation the more power they gain. Looking into your own eyes connects you to the body and soul you’re working on releasing your true potential.

Here are some ways to help you beat the voice into submission. Thoughts can be changed and you can become anything you want! It all starts with how you talk to and treat yourself. So try some of these out and tell me what works for you? Good luck, have fun and remember you are always enough!

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